Career counseling

Royal Vision Education Counseling provides counseling to students not only in Pakistan but also in U.K as well. To choose the right career can be a very frightening job particularly in a world which offers a group of paths, all of which look to be leading to a golden object. Infect careers can make or break one's life, so it is important to make the right choice. Career guidance help students in chasing the right courses, in the right colleges or institutes and can guide in choosing an appropriate career.

Admission guideline

We also provide Free Information and Guidance on study UK latest information on selection of Universities, procedure of online application, paper application forms, UCAS, costing of studies, provision of scholarships and living etc is available in all our office.

Visa Assistance

Royal Vision Education Counseling helps the students for applying Visa and gives proper Guidance on the requirements TIER-4 PBS of the British High Commission and also CANADA, AUSTRELIA. We provide detailed.

Job assistance

Sometime students face difficult to find out the appropriate job so Royal Vision Education Counseling help the students to find a good job, as per their visa and his/her abilities.

Accommodation Assistance

We also help all the students to find out accommodation at low cost near to the campus without any charges (conditional).

Information on institution abroad

We Advice to students for the selection of appropriate course as per there interest and qualifications.

Pre Departure Briefings

We do all the pre and post departure arrangements for the students therefore students should not worried about this. Pre-departure direction sessions are prepared for students on their way to the foreign destinations following receipt of their student visas. These Sessions give students a taste of what life is like in the foreign, both academically and culturally.

  • "If you have been committed to a program of study in a foreign college, you must bring with you any syllabi, catalogs, bulletins, course descriptions or other related materials issued by the secondary school or university you have attended most lately."
  • "When traveling overseas, it is important to carry all important documents on your person. Do not put them in a luggage. Do not loan or give them to anyone unless that person can show you some form of identification that he/she is authorized to collect them."
  • "Keep in your mind that it may take a number of weeks to have funds transferred from your bank at home to a bank in the foreign - even with a Demand Draft".
  • "For happy occasions, bring a traditional dress and accessories from your country. You could also want to bring any musical instruments you play, pictures of your home, recordings of traditional music and examples of arts and crafts of your country."
  • Take some books on Culture and religion. Be ready to answer questions, often in depth, say on your religion.